Used Book Sale

May book sale most successful ever!

We are very grateful to everyone who volunteered their time over the three days of the sale.  Many of you worked multiple shifts, and most of you have also worked previous sales – we depend upon your reliability and dedication. All of you helped to make this book sale our best fund-raiser ever!  As a result, the Friends of the Alameda Free Library are able to contribute significantly to the Library’s children’s, teen, and adult reading programs. These include kids’ story times and sing-a-longs, teen and middle school book clubs & homework coaching, the summer kids reading program, and Alameda Reads!

We’d like to make special mention of our primary warehouse volunteer, Jill Mariani, for going above and beyond the call. Not only did she single-handedly move ALL of our (almost 1,000) boxes of books into storage over time, but she also ended up moving most of them a second time after our initial storage space was vandalized. She’s our hero! Thanks to her, the rest of our warehouse volunteers, along with the amazing Coast Guard team headed by Capt. Andrew Pecora and GMCS Anthony Severson, were able to transfer the boxes from storage and set up the O’Club in record time. 

Thanks also to Dennis McDaniels at ARPD for facilitating the use of the O’ Club, as well as to the small but enthusiastic crew of volunteers who prepared the O’Club to receive all those boxes of books. Several of these pitched in at the last-minute so we didn’t get everybody’s name, but we were absolutely delighted to have the cheerful help! Thanks especially to David Kiewlich for ongoing assistance during the year picking up unsaleable books, and for putting out the call on Alameda Peeps that led to our surprise mystery crew. Finally, because we had another terrific turnout of volunteers to help us set up on Friday morning, we were done early and ready for shopping.  Fantastic!

The sale itself went very smoothly from the Friday night rush to the clear out on Sunday. It’s a long process, and we couldn’t do it without all of you. Special thanks here to two long-time book sale volunteers, John Kennedy and Fred Suhr, who worked every shift. Fred manages our book-sitter table with unending patience and efficiency, and John wrangles all of our empty boxes and places leftover books in “Little Libraries” throughout Alameda. Head Librarian Jane Chisaki and the Friends of the Alameda Free Library Board members have also been very supportive throughout the year, and many volunteered for the sale as well.  If you have any suggestions or comments to make about the sale, please feel free to share them with us and them by responding to this email. 

Finally, although the sale is now over, the work of our team in the sorting room and the warehouse continues. In fact, in the week after the sale, our sorting room was already half-filled again with boxes of donated books waiting to be sorted! We would love to have a few more volunteers able to work a few hours a week between sales — sorting, pricing, and boxing. If you are interested, just drop by the sorting room any Monday between 9 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. or 12:30 p.m. to 2 p.m., and talk to one of our committee members. You can also volunteer via our handy website form, available here.

Thank you again for all your efforts, and we hope you will join us again October 18 to 20, 2019, for our next sale. 

The Book Sale Committee:  
Catherine Atcheson, Nancy Cooney, Lynda Graham, Tracy Matsuoka, Anne McDonald, Lisa Mendoza, and Peg Rosen

Thanks to all the May 2018 book sale volunteers!!

Catherine Atcheson Connie Kozlowski Eileen Savel
Susan Avery Colin Ma Divya Sharma
Matt Axcell Joe Mallon Andrei Shkidt
David Beall Patricia Mancini Kerry Shoji
Barbara Benson Karen Manuel Julie Shure
Skip Benson Jill Mariani Cynthia Silva
Sara Benson Tracy Matsuoka John Silva
Sandra Berger Melissa Mayfield Shannon Silva
Laura Boughner Joyce McConeghey Stephen Sims
Rick Boyles Anne McDonald Tina Sims
Renae Breitenstein Jennifer McGaffey Suresh Srinivasan
Karen Butter Lisa Mendoza Michael Stephens
Jane Chisaki Mark Mendoza Carolyn Storm
Robbi Coleman Renee Moreno Zachary Storm
Nancy Cooney Peter Nevada Todd Storm
Marti Cooney Marilyn Ng Fred Surh
Debra Cramer Ann North Holly Sylvester
Luzanne Engh Jess Oja Amo Tarnoff
Jane Erwin Lynn Oveson Daryl Van Fleet
Curtis Faville Martha Peck Jean Van Fleet
Merry Faville Heidi Prutton Tarun Wadhwa
Christian Fritze Billy Reinschmiedt Vicki Watson
Lynda Graham Frank Ripp David Wexler
Jan Greene Carol Robie Dave Wilson
Melissa Hernandez Karen Roemer Marvin Winzenread
Cathy Huie Peg Rosen Jo Winzenread
Deanna Huie Ximena Rossi Celine Wong
Glenn Itano Andy Roveda Johanna Woolley
Patti Itano Shirley Sachsen Roberta Wright
John Kennedy Lorraine Salazar Linda Yarbrough
Sarah Kim Josephine Sam Heather Zachs

Next Used Book Sale: Oct. 18-20, 2019

Donate books for the next sale

The sale depends on generous donors who bring their gently used books and materials for dropoff at the Main Library. For details on when and how to donate, click here.

Help us find a new book storage location

FAL will soon lose the warehouse space we use to store many thousands of books, materials and other supplies for the twice-yearly book sales that support programs at the libraries. We are looking for storage space of about 1,000 square feet, which could be split up into smaller rooms or areas. The space would need to be accessible regularly and secured with locks and/or security cameras. Easy access with a ramp or elevator would also be needed. Items are often moved into storage during the day and early evening.

Current storage is free; FAL has a small budget that could go toward renting a space. However, we know every dollar spent would be taking away from the programs supported by the book sales.

If you know of a potential space in or near Alameda, please contact Carole Robie at