Used Book Sale

FAL needs new book storage space

FAL will soon lose the warehouse space we use to store many thousands of books, materials and other supplies for the twice-yearly book sales that support programs at the libraries. We are looking for storage space of about 1,000 square feet, which could be split up into smaller rooms or areas. The space would need to be accessible regularly and secured with locks and/or security cameras. Easy access with a ramp or elevator would also be needed. Items are often moved into storage during the day and early evening.

Current storage is free; FAL has a small budget that could go toward renting a space. However, we know every dollar spent would be taking away from the programs supported by the book sales.

If you know of a potential space in or near Alameda, please contact Carole Robie at And pass along this request to others who might be able to help!! Many thanks in advance.


The next used book sale will be  October 19-21

Thanks to everyone who supported the May sale

We are grateful to everyone who worked during the three-day sale. Most of you also worked the sale in October and we appreciate that continued dedication. It takes 100 volunteers and more than 2,100 hours of service to raise funds for the library programs that are important to us. Thanks to you, we are able to contribute to the Library’s children’s, teen, and adult reading programs. Your efforts help adults with Alameda Reads! and kids with story times, book clubs, homework coaching and sing-a-longs.

Special thanks to:

  • Patrick Russi at ARPD, LTJG Tyler Richardson, his Coast Guard team and our warehouse volunteers who transferred over 1,000 boxes of books and set up the O’Club in record time.
  • Our backroom team, who worked non-stop since October sorting, pricing, boxing and moving boxes to storage. They logged in over 1,600 hours to get us ready for the sale.
  • Library Director Jane Chisaki and Friends of the Alameda Free Library board members, who have been very supportive of us all year–many volunteered at the sale and stuck by us to the end as we packed up our last box.
  • Our donors, who provided us with a continuous flow of books and we ask – please continue to do so. We’re taking book donations now, so bring them in.
  • Our loyal patrons, who showed up at the sale and loaded up their bags and boxes! We hope you will help us at our next sale—bring a friend or a neighbor and spread the word.

See below for a full list of our May 2018 volunteers.

Book transport needed: If you are interested in volunteering a few hours a week in our back room, please contact us. We particularly need a volunteer to transport boxes to the warehouse.

Thank you for your support and we hope to see you at the next sale October 19-21.

The Book Sale Committee: Nancy Cooney, Diane Del Conte, Lynda Graham, John Kennedy, Tracy Matsuoka, Lisa Mendoza, Martha Peck, Peg Rosen, Roberta Wright.

Book donations now accepted

In between the twice-yearly sales we restock our shelves with generous donations of books and other materials. Please bring us your gently used items. For details about what materials are accepted and how to donate click here.

Catherine Atcheson Lynda Graham Renee Moreno Heyward Silcox
Susan Avery Goldie Grover Peter Nevada Kylie Silcox
Matt Axcell Chris Hanna Ann North Cynthia Silva
David Beall Michael Hodsdon Jess Oja John Silva
Elbert (Skip) Benson Nancy Horton Karen Oliver Stephen Sims
Sara Benson Cathy Huie Martha Peck Tina Sims
Barbara Benson Deanna Huie Anna Phu Suresh Srinivasan
Sandra Berger Glenn Itano Heidi Prutton Carolyn Storm
Brenda Caprini Patti Itano Lee Prutton Zachary Storm
Jane Chisaki Evelyn Kennedy Marie Randall Fred Surh
Robbi Coleman John Kennedy Frank Ripp Amo Tarnoff
Nancy Cooney Sarah Kim Erica Rivard Daryl Van Fleet
Debra Cramer Connie Kozlowski Karen Roemer Jean Van Fleet
Ximena de la Barrera Nola Li Barr Harrison Rogers Tarun Wadhwa
Diane Del Conte Heidi Lien Tess Rogers David Wexler
Lana Dilger Judith Lynch Peg Rosen Dave Wilson
Marie Dunford Michael MacLeod Andy Roveda Marvin Winzenread
Anna Elefant Joe Mallon Shirley Sachsen Jo Winzenread
Luzanne Engh Patricia Mancini Lorraine Salazar Celine Wong
Jane Erwin Karen Manuel Melinda Samuelson David Wood
Curtis Faville Adam Marvin Roy Samuelson Johanna Woolley
Merry Faville Tracy Matsuoka Divya Sharma Roberta Wright
Kimberley Foster Jennifer McGaffey Andrei Shkidt Linda Yarbrough
Jason Frye Lisa Mendoza Kerry Shoji Heather Zacks
Lisa Gayton Mark Mendoza Beth Sibley Jeanne Zinser-Mandala