Used Book Sale

Thank you to all 103 volunteers who stepped up to make the October 2017 used book sale a big success!

The weekend’s efforts raised $17,000 to support library activities. The Book Sale Committee sends a special shout-out to the following helpers and supporters:

  • Book Donors – We received approx. 1,000 boxes of book donations & media. Without your continuous flow of donations, we wouldn’t be here.
  • Back Room Crew – They sorted, weeded, priced, boxed and warehoused books for months to get ready for the sale. Your year round dedication is most appreciated.
  • Library Staff – They helped deliver books to us from various locations.
  • The Coast Guard that helped stage the boxes of books at the O’Club and the Parks & Recreation Dept. for the use of the Club for the sale.
  • Sale Attendees – $17,000 translates to a lot of Friends of the Library. We had approximately 220 attendees to kick-off Friday Preview Night.
  • Library Director Jane Chisaki, Board President Karen Butter and the Friends Board – We thank you for your support and late nights during this transition. Karen & Judith, thank you for spreading the word about the sale. We are already excited for the next sale.
  • Book Sale Volunteers – You are all special to us, all 103 this year. We are going to list each and every one of you below.  When the emails went out requesting help, you came in force.  We had the largest set-up crew ever!  Many of you worked on multiple days and the Sunday breakdown crew was really appreciated. Thank you all!

We look forward to seeing you again at the Spring 2018 Book Sale, May 4-6, 2018.  Please sign up early.

The Book Sale Committee includes Chair Peg Rosen, Volunteer Coordinators Nancy Cooney and Martha Peck, and members Lynda Graham, John Kennedy and Roberta Wright.

See below for a full list of names of those who helped out in October. 

About the Friends’ Book Sales

The Friends’ book sales are held twice a year, in the spring and fall in the O’Club at Alameda Point. There are literally hundreds of items in every category. Most books are priced between 50¢ and $2.00. These three-day events include a preview sale on Friday evening, all-day shopping on Saturday, and a Sunday clearance sale.

Want to donate books or other materials? Click here.


October 2107 Book Sale Volunteers (Thank you to all!!!)

Catherine Atcheson Goldie Grover Karen Oliver Beth Sibley
Susan Avery Michael Hodsdon John Paulson Heyward Silcox
Matt Axcell Nancy Horton Linda Paulson Cynthia Silva
Nancy Bartlett Cathy Huie Jenny Peck John Silva
David Beall Deanna Huie Martha Peck Shannon Silva
Sara Benson Glenn Itano Paul Pedersen Steve Sims
Barbara Benson Patti Itano Anna Phu Tina Sims
Eileen Bitten John Kennedy Heidi Prutton Suresh Srinivasan
Rick Boyles Sarah Kim Lee Prutton Anne Storm
Sandra Berger Connie Kozlowski Andrea Ramsdell Carol Storm
Brenda Caprini Chris Laraway Marie Randall Todd Storm
Jane Chisaki Heidi Lien Shelley Reed Zach Storm
Mari Clark Judith Lynch Billy Reinschmiedt Fred Surh
Robbi Coleman Michael MacLeod Frank Ripp Amo Tarnoff
Nancy Cooney Patricia Mancini Erica Rivard Daryl Van Fleet
Debra Cramer Karen Manuel Karen Roemer Jean Van Fleet
Ximena dela Barrera Adam Marvin Harrison Rogers Tarun Wadhwa
Diane Del Conte Tracy Matsuoka Tess Rogers Viki Watson
Judy Ecker Melissa Mayfield Peg Rosen Karen Wellman
Roger Ecker Elizabeth McGaffey Andy Roveda David Wexler
Anna Elefant Jennifer McGaffey Shirley Sachsen Jo Winzenread
Luzanne Engh Barbara McGinley Lorraine Salazar Johanna Woolley
Sally Faulhaber Tom McGinley Roy Samuelson Roberta Wright
Lisa Gayton Lisa Mendoza Eileen Savel Johanna Yarbrough
Lynda Graham Jennifer Miller Divya Sharma Heather Zacks
  Ann North Andrei Shkidt Jeanne Zinzer-Mandala