Volunteers appreciated at second annual event

On a delightful Alameda afternoon some friends gathered to celebrate a group dedicated to making the city an even better place.  Organized by board members Marlene Grcevich, Honora Murphy, Karen Roemer and Jo Winzenread, this was the Friends of the Alameda Free


Library’s annual celebration of volunteers, on the patio of the Dragon Rouge Restaurant July 19.  Volunteers for both the Friends of the Library and the Library itself were feted. Over 90 volunteers (of a total of 200) who support the library attended.

Friends President Karen Butter and Library Director Jane Chisaki welcomed everyone, expre

ssing pride in the library and gratitude to the attendees, without whom the library’s value to the community would be greatly diminished. It was noted that so far this year the volunteers have logged over 4500 hours.

Team leaders then recognized individual groups, including those who work on

the semiannual book sale, in Dewey’s Café, Live @ the Library concerts, the Docent Program lectures, the communications team, and the volunteers of the library itself. Gathering for group photos at the end of the event, these cohorts seemed to be all smiles.

The Dragon Rouge’s Vietnamese offerings featured mango steak rolls, garlic chicken wings, tuna and shrimp egg rolls with peanut sauce, curried potato rolls and Vietnamese chicken sandwiches.

The meal was accompanied by wines from Rock Wall Winery, and finished off with treats from goodie baskets put together by the organizing committee. Photographer Billy Reinschmiedt seemed to have little trouble inducing those smiles.

—David Beall