Startup Your Life: Hustle And Hack Your Way To Happiness’


Anna Akbari | St. Martin's Press | 2016 | Hardcover

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Like Any Silicon Valley Startup, The Business Of Life Is Not As Glamorous As Its Instagram Account Would Make It Seem. What Do You Do When Planning Is Not An Option? When Control Is Out Of Your Reach? You Isolate The Small Stuff, Experiment Constantly, And Use The Results To Lay A More Sustainable Foundation For The Future. You Validate Your Idealized Vision By Testing It Out In Bite-sized Increments … And Inevitably, You Experience A Series Of Failures Along The Way, But Those Failures Are Key To Your Next Success. Living A Startup Life Is About Maximizing Flexibility And Measuring On-going Results, Not Avoiding Failure Or Reaching One Particular End Goal. It’s About Embracing Defeat, Analyzing It, And Failing Up-