Simple Genius (King & Maxwell)


Baldacci, David | Warner Books | 2007 | Hardcover

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Sean King And Michelle Maxwell Are Back, And Struggling In The Emotional Aftermath Of The Events That Brought Them To The Brink In Hour Game. Dogged By Personal Demons, Maxwell Agrees To Treatment In A Psychiatric Institution After Barely Surviving A Violent Barroom Brawl. And King, To Right Their Partnership, Accepts An Offer To Investigate A Murder In A Scientific Think Tank Named Babbage Town. Feeling Cured, Michelle Joins Him On The Case, And They Penetrate This Secret Enclave Of Geniuses Working To Surpass The Capabilities Of The Most Sophisticated Microprocessor In The World. Suddenly, The Pair Find Themselves In A Race Against Time To Expose Those Who Would Tip The Entire Global Power Structure … And Destroy What’s Left Of Their Lives. A Three-hour Drive From Washington, D.c., Two Clandestine Institutions Face Each Other Across A Heavily Guarded River. One Is The World’s Most Unusual Laboratory, Whose Goals And Funding Are A Mystery. The Other Is An Elite Cia Training Camp Shrouded In Secrecy. Now A Man And A Woman Are About To Run A Gauntlet Between These Two Puzzle Factories, Straight Into A Furious Struggle To Exploit A Potentially World-shattering Discovery — And Keep Some Other Secrets Under Wraps Forever. Former Secret Service Agents Turned Private Investigators Sean King And Michelle Maxwell Have Seen Their Lives Splintered Around Them. Michelle Lies Unconscious In A Hospital Bed After A Night Of Suicidal Violence. And Sean Is Forced To Take On A Thankless Investigation Into The Murder Of A Scientist Just Inside The Cia’s Razor-wire Fence Near Williamsburg, Virginia. Soon He Is Uncovering Layer After Layer Of Disinformation That Shields A Stunning World Filled With Elite Mathematicians, Physicists, War Heroes, Spies, And Deadly Field Agents. Amid More Murder, A Seemingly Autistic Girl’s Extraordinary Genius, And A Powerful Breakthrough In The Realm Of Classified Codes, Sean Soon Learns Enough To Put His Life At Risk. Now More Than Ever, He Needs Michelle — At Her Best — To Help Stop A Conspiracy Of Traitors Operating In The Shadow Of The White House Itself. — Book Jacket. David Baldacci.