Basic Brown: My Life and Our Times


Willie L. Brown Jr. | Simon & Schuster | 2008 | Hardcover

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The One-time Mayor Of San Francisco And Speaker Of The California Assembly Shares Anecdotes From His Formative Years And Political Career, Discussing His Roles In The Civil Rights Movement And The Decriminalization Of Abortion And His Work As A Political Analyst. Willie Brown, Who Are You Kidding? — Willie Brown Is Not Kidding — Consensus And Power — Sex Scandals And The Socializing Politician — The Power Of Clothes : Don’t Pull A Dukakis — Black Politics And Racism Today — Women In American Politics Today — Asking For Money Is Part Of The Business — My Solution To The Campaign Finance Mess — Should One Politician Call The Cops On Another? — A Black Teenager Arrives In San Francisco — Phil Burton, Herb Caen, Jesse Unruh And Me — My Own Family Life — Gay Rights : How Some Historic Legislation Was Really Made — Starting On My Rise To Power — Stabbed In The Back On The Way Up — The Assassinations Of George Moscone And Harvey Milk — Loyalty And Betrayal On The Way To The Top — Elected Speaker — Old-time Money Scams — An Offer Like That Could Land Us Both In Jail — My Money Raising Principles — Tricks The Fbi Played To Try To Get Me — Gun Control; Nelson Mandela’s California Allies; And Saving Kingdergartens — Sustaining Speakership : Most Magnificent Moment — The Godfather And The Father Of The House — Why Would You Want To Be Mayor? — Running For Mayor — Slick Willie : Da Mayor — A Mayor Is Actually Supposed To Solve Problems — The Selfish : The Killer Dynamic Of City Politics — Traction And No Traction : Muni And Homelessness — Restoring The City’s Crown Jewel — A Football Stadium And A Sado-masochistic Birthday Party — Schemers Scorned — Sacred Cartel — A Mayor Makes Friends With Warlords As Well As With Nice People — The Scared Days And An Urban Legend — The Political Life — What Is A Politician? Willie Brown. Includes Index.