A natural history of wine


Tattersall, Ian (author.) | Yale University Press, | 2015 | Hardcover

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Conversational And Accessible To Everyone, This Colorfully Illustrated Book Embraces Almost Every Imaginable Area Of The Sciences, From Microbiology And Ecology (for An Understanding Of What Creates This Complex Beverage) To Physiology And Neurobiology (for Insight Into The Effects Of Wine On The Mind And Body). The Authors Draw On Physics, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Evolution, And Climatology, And They Expand The Discussion To Include Insights From Anthropology, Primatology, Entomology, Neolithic Archaeology, And Even Classical History. The Resulting Volume Is Indispensible For Anyone Who Wishes To Appreciate Wine To Its Fullest.– 1. Vinous Roots : Wine And People — 2. Why We Drink Wine — 3. Wine Is Stardust : Grapes And Chemistry — 4. Grapes And Grapevines : An Issue Of Identity — 5. Yeasty Feasts : Wine And Microbes — 6. Interactions : Ecology In The Vineyard And The Winery — 7. The American Disease : The Bug That Almost Destroyed The Wine Industry — 8. The Reign Of Terroir : Wine And Place — 9. Wine And The Senses — 10. Voluntary Madness : The Physiological Effects Of Wine — 11. Brave New World : Wine And Technology — 12. Franken-vines And Climate Change. Ian Tattersall And Rob Desalle ; Illustrated By Patricia J. Wynne. Includes Bibliographical References (pages 227-237) And Index.