101 Ways To Jump Start Your Intuition’


John Holland | Hay House | 2005 | Paperback

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Intuition Is The Language Of The Soul, And We’re All Born With The Natural Ability Of An Inner-knowing. As We Go Through Life, We Have A Inborn Tendency To Pull Away From What Was Once Totally Natural To Us. In 101 Ways To Jump-start Your Intuition, Psychic Medium John Holland Guides You Through 101 Quick And Easy Lessons To Help You Understand, Develop, And Work With Your Internal Sense Of Intuition. This Small Yet Valuable Book Will Become Your Companion As You Rely More On Intuition For Direction, Insight, Clarity, And Wisdom On A Daily Basis. Each Of The Mini-lessons Comes With Its Own Affirmation Or Inspirational Statement To Complement And Strengthen Each Of The 101 Lessons. This Book Reinforces The Idea That Intuition Is A Reminder Of The Power Of The Human Spirit, But More Important, That When We Listen To Its Advice, It Can Lead Us To A Life Of Unlimited Potential.