101 Blender Drinks


Kim Haasarud | Houghton Mifflin Harcourt | 1905 | Hardcover

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Nothing cools down a hot summer day like an icy beverage straight from the blender. Whether youre lounging at the pool or barbecuing in the backyard, the perfect cold concoction can turn any summer day into a celebration. Frozen daiquiris and margaritas are par for the course, but theres so much more you can do with your blender. In 101 Blender Drinks, Kim Haasarud, the Liquid Chef, provides a bevy of sophisticated and fun ideas for mixing up some icy refreshment. All the classics are included, but why not try some new creations? Get your daily dose of fruit with a Papaya Zinger. Or try a Jasmine Peach Bellini made with Prosecco and jasmine tea syrup. For something a little less sweet but just as refreshing, blend up a Pimms Freeze with cucumber, strawberry, and Pimms No. 1. You can also adapt your favorite drinks and cocktails for the blender—cosmopolitans, mojitos, and sangrias are perfect when mixed with ice. There are plenty of alcohol-free options, and you can even break out of the dessert doldrums with a Frozen Oreo Cookie drink or a Cool Caramel Flan. Theres almost no limit to what your blender can do. With imagination and plenty of ice, 101 Blender Drinks will keep your summer get-togethers fun and refreshing.”