President’s Message – September 2021

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Karen Butter, FAL Board President

The LA Times recounts the vision of Katia Padilla who grew up in Mexico and loved to read, but books were too expensive. She dreamed, “I had a library all for myself.” She now lives in Chula Vista and has placed two little free libraries in front of her house. She would like to see little free libraries on every block and especially in low income areas.

One count of Alameda’s little libraries finds at least 63 on the island. More citizens are installing them in their front yards all the time. A special thanks to Bike Walk Alameda for the bike tour and map of the little free libraries.

Earlier this year the FAL Board took on the project to repair and restock the seven little free libraries in Alameda city parks. They were in various stages of disrepair and in some cases were not water tight, potentially allowing damage to the contents.

One of my siblings was evacuated due to the Caldor fire, so I avidly follow news stories. One report from the town of Grizzly Flats notes that a church was left standing and “Two Little Free Library kiosks near the road were untouched, the books inside them intact.”

Finally, we are all looking forward to the return of regular hours for the Alameda Free Library this month. A comment from Patti Brennan, Director of the National Library of Medicine, reflects on the feeling of many, “Of all the wonderful signs and sounds heralding a change in the response to the COVID-19 pandemic, none is more welcome than the news that public libraries are reopening.” I hope to see many of you enjoying the services, resources and programs again in our outstanding Alameda Free Library!