Kahlo Zoom Event Red Hot

Registrations for the Friends’ virtual art docent lecture on Frida Kahlo on July 13th were adding up so fast that the Friends had to increase capacity of its Zoom licenses from 100 attendees to 500. It turned out that even that was not enough. As registrations approached the 500 mark, the Friends decided to add a second session on July 16th. In the end, over a thousand people registered for the two events, and over 660 actually logged in.

For both events the docent, Kathryn Zupsic, delivered an exciting, informative, and entertaining story of the life of the artist. The museum event, “Frida Kahlo: Appearances Can Be Deceiving,” is currently on hold due to the coronavirus shutdown, so Kathryn’s presentations were eagerly anticipated and did not disappoint. Here are some of the email comments received after the two shows:

  • I was, frankly, blown away by Kathleen Zupsic’s excellent presentation and all the art, photos, etc. Her manner of presenting is also so charming as well as informative. I’m not sure how I landed on this list but I’m thankful that I have. Many thanks for creating such outstanding programs!
  • We so enjoyed the presentation….we learned so much and loved hearing stories about this wonderful artist. Thank you for organizing it!
  • My husband and I enjoyed the lecture very much. It was very interesting and presented in a special way. Many thanks.

In addition to dozens more emails in the same vein, the transcripts of the webinars’ chat windows revealed literally hundreds of similar comments. Chatters chimed in with praise from all over: Mexico City, Columbia SC, Cleveland OH, Seattle, Cambridge MA, San Diego, Los Angeles, and San Bernardino, to name a few places outside scores of spots all over Northern California.

Kathryn will bring her delightful talents to another program for the Friends, “The World of Jane Austen,” on September 14th (info and registration here). Watch our calendar for other upcoming docent programs. The Friends has currently scheduled one per month through November, but is looking to add more.