FAL Board Welcomes Two New Members

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Welcome, Renesha and Katherine!

Renesha Robinson-Palmer
Renesha Robinson-Palmer

The FAL Board welcomes Renesha Robinson-Palmer to the Board of Directors. Renesha has been working on Friends @ Home events and will also be managing the Friends website.

Katherine Adcox
Katherine Adcox

We also welcome Katherine Adcox to the Board of Directors. Katherine has been working on Friends @ Home events this past year; she also managed publicity for October’s Big Book Sale. Katherine will be chairing the Communications Committee.

We are delighted to welcome both Renesha and Katherine to the Board and look forward to continuing our work with them.

Many Thanks to Those Leaving the Board

At the end of 2022, Directors Becky Cyr, Marcie Soslau, and Doris Ung stepped down from the Board to focus on other aspects of their lives.

Becky Cyr managed the Friends’ website and coordinated the onboarding of new volunteers.

Marcie Soslau was the main force in creating the Friends’ new book sale initiatives, including the Books for Friends store. She also co-created the Books Inc. fundraiser, which has enjoyed great success during the past two years.

Doris Ung was an important member of the Communications Committee and played a key role in identifying dozens of potential authors for the Friends @ Home series.

We greatly appreciate the hard work these three Directors devoted to FAL. We will miss them all and wish them well in their future endeavors.