FAL board welcomes three new members with diverse skills

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By Karen Butter, FAL president

I am pleased to introduce three new Friends of the Alameda Free Library Board members. They are all passionate about libraries and bring unique skills to the Board.

Doris Ung

Doris Ung has been a member of the FAL Communications Committee and is responsible for developing the beautiful flyers announcing the docent talks. She and her daughter contributed a book safe, origami and an amazing art piece from pages of a book for the Mini Maker Faire. She is an enthusiastic supporter of the library, has worked in book publishing and brings a number of management skills to the Board.

Josephine Sam recently retired and brings a background of finance, accounting and project management to the Board. She wants to continue to learn about the ever-changing environment and community.

Josephine Sam

Becky Cyr is a non-profit program manager. She moved to Alameda recently, and wanted to become more involved in the community. She is a great lover of books and specifically of the Alameda Free Library.

Becky Cyr

Congratulations to our new Board members.