FAL Board Member Honora Murphy

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Meet FAL Board Member Honora Murphy

What are your earliest memories of reading and books?

My parents and siblings were great readers, and I followed their lead.

Do you enjoy “actual” books? Ebooks? Both?

I love the feel and smell of actual books.

What are you reading these days?

Mysteries, biographies, and history.

You are hosting a literary dinner party in your favorite Alameda restaurant. Who gets invited?

I would ask Elizabeth George, PD James, Jon Meacham, Jean M. Auel, and Michael Beschloss to dine at Angela’s.

Tell us about your personal involvement with the Friends.

I was a founding member of the Friends of the Alameda Free Library (FAL) in 1974. Over the years I served as president and was involved in all activities to raise funds toward our goal, a new Main Library. Political advocacy was especially important! I also chaired the Library Building Team, and what a happy day when the new place was dedicated in 2006. Today we have a vital and thriving Main Library and two branches. This success is due to the leadership of Jane Chisaki and the library staff. FAL is proud of all the programs we sponsor and of Dewey’s Café, staffed by our volunteers.

What are your hopes for FAL and for the Alameda Free Library?

My hope is that FAL continues to maintain this journey and that new volunteers will step forward and pick up the torch.