Friends @ Home: Docent Event | The Art of Volume: Fernando Botero

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Fernando Botero’s unique style is instantly recognizable! His subjects exist in a universe populated by exaggerated beings seemingly larger than life, at once solid and voluptuous. It echoes Pre-Columbian, Classical Spanish, and Spanish Colonial Art. An assault on what is held to be timeless cannons of beauty and ideal proportions. Botero said: “My painting has two main sources. On one hand they are my views on aesthetics and on the other the Latin American world where I grew up. I also think sensuality plays a great role.”
This program is presented by Isabel Ballerna who is a native of Buenos Aires, Argentina. She holds a BA in Art. Isabel is an artist and interior designer. Her artworks have been featured in art galleries and published in numerous publications including Artists of the Rockies and the Golden West and Southeast Art magazines. Isabel is also an avid horse rider and competitor in dressage. She has been a docent at Phoenix Art Museum since 2014.