Friends @ Home Art Docent Webinar | From Sea To Shining Sea

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Thomas Cole, “Distant View of Niagara Falls,” 1830.

Join us as we journey through the paintings of our 19th Century American artists, who depicted the country’s spirit as defined by the landscape; from the first colonies along the Atlantic to the Ohio River Valley, through the Louisiana Purchase and the Northwest Territory, from California Coasts to the Rio Grande, as America inched its way to complete the “footprint” of the continental United States. Battles were fought, barriers crossed, and bargains made with an eye to protecting and preserving our growth and our goals. America believed in Manifest Destiny; the idea that the land was a gift and proof that God intended it to become a great nation of principles and prosperity, and to share its ideals of self-governance and self-determination with the world. While we may take a different view from our 21st Century perspective, great art of the 19th Century informs us of that era’s vision, and is worth our attention even today.

Sherrill Koopot will lead us on this exploration. She has been a docent with the Phoenix Art Museum in Arizona since September 1986. She has also served in many administrative, training, and management jobs in the museum’s docent program, and is a past Co-Chair of the National Docent Symposium. She was honored as Docent of the Year in 1995, and was nominated for the Governor’s Award for an Individual in the Arts.

Sherrill appeared for us in February 2021 with an excellent program on African-American Art entitled “Hidden in Plain View.” The Friends of the Alameda Free Library are pleased to welcome her back to our Friends @ Home series.