Friends @ Home Art Docent Webinar | California Pottery Tradition

A recording of this talk is now available to view here:

Pottery has been a part of human culture for some 50,000 years. Archeological digs from around the world — and in your own backyard — routinely turn up intriguing shards. California’s ample deposits of clay and talc ensured a strong pottery tradition here, and California potters have played a leading role in the development of this humble and beautiful craft. Learn about some of the state’s most interesting clay crafters, from studios in Berkeley, on Catalina Island, and in Southern California — familiar names like Arequipa, California Faience, Bauer, Metlox, and fascinating individuals like Marguerite Wildenhain, Jade Snow Wong, and Edith Heath.

We will be guided in this exploration by one of our favorite docents, Avril Angevine. Avril is an independent art lecturer who has spoken at the Alameda Free Library many times. She is a Humanities and English instructor at local colleges, and a museum guide at both SFMOMA and the Oakland Museum.