Digital Headliners Installed Thanks to Friends Fund Raising

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Last year, asked for her highest short – term priority, Library Director Jane Chisaki requested digital flat screens for each library, to update patrons on events, programs, and calendar changes. The cost including installation, was about $10,000. The Friends’ “Ten Years, Already?!” campaign – celebrating the first decade of the new Main Library — raised the money. Now the installations are complete, thanks to the skill of Si Lewis from Digital Connections, (left) at work at the West End Branch. Librarian Valerie pointed out benefits: screen viewing saves paper as fewer flyers need to be printed, and the visual attraction is obvious, including both color and movement. She thanked the Friends for their generosity in providing a device so up – to – date and useful to both staff and library users. Longtime West Ender Jacquelyn (right) agreed, taking time from her library research project of comparing fashions today with those of a century ago during the Art Deco era.