2018 FAL Officers

President Karen Butter  Board Member Karen Butter
Vice President Kumar Fanse  FAL Board Member Kumar Fanse
Secretary David Beall FAL Board member David Beall
Treasurer Bill Gibbs  FAL Board Member Bill Gibbs


2018 FAL Directors

Karen Manuel Board Member Karen Manuel Eileen Savel  FAL Board Member Eileen Savel
Billy Reinschmiedt  FAL Board Member Billy Reinschmiedt
Luzanne Engh  FAL Board Member Luzanne Engh Carole Robie  FAL Board Member Carole Robie
Marlene Grcevich  FAL Board Member Marlene Grcevich Karen Roemer  FAL Board member Karen Roemer
Honora Murphy  Board Member Honora Murphy  Jo Winzenread  FAL Board Member Jo Winzenread

The Board meets the fourth Monday of each month except December, at
6:30 p.m. in the Family Room, Main Library. The public is welcome.

Responsibilities of each FAL Board Member

  • Advocate for the Alameda Free Library
  • Attend Board meetings
  • Participate in discussions
  • Support Board decisions, plans and policies
  • Work to develop long range Board plans
  • Serve on committee(s) as liaison or chair; estimated to be 1-5 hours/week
  • Make an annual financial donation to FAL that is significant to you
  • Participate in FAL fundraising events/campaigns.


The FAL Bylaws are available in PDF form by clicking here.